Product Branding

Image Development | Art Direction | Graphic Design

Nordaq FRESH is an eco-friendly water service targeting the luxury resort hospitality sector.

  • Created brand assets
  • Art directed illustration and collateral material

Water Fountain Wrap

Branding | Graphic Design

Designed to attract the attention of hotel guests by identifying a Nordaq FRESH refilling station.

Bottle Hanger

Art Direction | Graphic Design | Vendor Sourcing

Bilingual (English & Chinese) packaging designed to inform and educate hotel guests how to use the water service.


Branding | WordPress | Data Base

Design to limit access to registered users protecting proprietary pricing and contractual information. To date more than 3200 users have secured access.

Trade Show Booth

Branding | Art Direction | Graphic Design

Trade show booth graphic image measuring 72″ x 38″ mounted to plexiglass panels. Four identical panels create a doughnut shaped circular display.